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Helium (He) is a chemical element in the Noble Gas group, known as the second lightest element. It is a colorless, odorless, non-combustible, chemically inert gas produced naturally underground through radioactive decay. While popular in party balloons, helium has significant applications.

In the medical field, it is crucial to cool MRI and NMR machines that detect tumors. Divers use helium mixed with oxygen or nitrogen for deep-water activities. The fiber optics industry utilizes helium to create purified glass preform for manufacturing fiber optic cables.

Helium is also vital in welding, promoting deep penetration and faster speed. Ace Gases provides versatile helium supply options. Compressed gas cylinders are available for smaller quantities, while liquid helium is suitable for larger quantities and cryogenic storage. Bulk supply with a dedicated tank is ideal for customers with high consumption rates.

Choose Ace Gases for a reliable helium supply that meets diverse customer needs from a various industries.

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