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Fire Drill and Fire Extinguisher Practical Training

By August 17th, 2023No Comments

In our unwavering commitment to prioritize safety and protect our facilities, Ace Gases recently conducted a comprehensive Fire Drill and Fire Extinguisher Practical Training at our office and warehouse premises. This training aimed to enhance our team’s preparedness and response in case of fire emergencies.

The objectives of the training were threefold: first, to enhance our staff’s understanding of fire emergency protocols and evacuation procedures; second, to familiarize them with the proper usage of fire extinguishers; and third, to ensure a coordinated and efficient response from our dedicated Emergency Response Team (ERT).

The training encompassed various components, starting with a fire drill exercise where staff followed designated escape routes and assembled at safe zones. The following fire extinguisher demonstration highlighted the correct operation of different extinguisher types, emphasizing safety precautions. Hands-on practice empowered participants to confidently respond to controlled fire situations.

By providing our staff with these skills and knowledge, we strengthen safety awareness and foster a culture of preparedness. The successful training reinforces Ace Gases’ commitment to maintaining a secure work environment and ensures a swift and organized response in critical situations. We express gratitude to all participants for their active engagement and dedication to fire safety.

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