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Ace Gases, a prominent Malaysian manufacturer specializing in liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2), is significantly expanding its production capabilities with the construction of a second LCO2 plant at its established site in Kerteh, Terengganu. This cutting-edge facility is poised to augment the daily LCO2 output by an impressive 200 tons, culminating in a robust total production capacity of 355 tons per day (TPD). Having seamlessly transitioned into operational status, the plant’s commissioning has been marked by success.

The primary objective of this strategic initiative is to alleviate the recurrent LCO2 shortages prevalent in the region, manifesting annually. Ace Gases is steadfast in its commitment to ensuring a consistent and reliable supply to industries that heavily rely on LCO2. This includes vital sectors such as food and beverages, medical applications, petrochemicals, water treatment, chemical processes, dry ice production, blasting operations, and more.

Notably, Ace Gases has concurrently bolstered its storage capacity to an impressive 1800 tons, fortifying their ability to maintain an uninterrupted supply chain for customers both domestically and internationally. This multifaceted expansion underscores Ace Gases’ dedication to meeting the diverse and growing demands of industries reliant on LCO2 while fortifying their position as a leading player in the Malaysian industrial gas landscape.

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