Ace Gases Sdn Bhd (AGSB) was founded on 7th November 2016 as a subsidiary under the locally listed – Kelington Group Berhad (KGB). AGSB is a young and energetic local industrial gas player in Malaysia. Our core business is in the manufacturing and supply of liquid gases (LOX, LIN, LAR LCO2, LN2O), electronic specialty gases, specialty and rare gases, packaged gases (onshore and offshore), and other chemicals. We also provide a wide range of engineering solutions and services, such as setting up air separation plants (ASU), Hydrogen SMR/Electrolysis plants, Oxygen, and Nitrogen production plants, installation of gas supply systems and equipment, pipelines, purging, and T75 ISO tanks leasing and purchase.

We are the largest CO2 producer in Malaysia and aspire to be the CO2 leader in the region. We own a carbon dioxide gas recovery plant (LCO2) plant located at Kerteh, Terengganu. The plant can generate ISBT-certified beverage-grade LCO2 and we have also set up a Dry Ice Plant at Bukit Jelutong Industrial Park, Shah Alam in Selangor where we supply food-grade and HALAL-certified dry ice products and delivery services nationwide. The total investment for the LCO2 plant (P1 and P2) was about MYR 100 million with a total production capacity of 125,000 MT/year. For reliability purposes, we have large LCO2 storage capacities in our plant which consist of 9 x 200 tons to ensure uninterrupted supply for our customers. We are continuously investing in brand-new LCO2 tankers (the largest payload per tanker in Malaysia and Singapore) and T75 ISO containers (Airgases and LCO2) based on the increasing demand locally and overseas. Our company holds certifications, i.e., ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2018, and FSSC 22000, to ensure compliance with the required standards. 

 We have come into the industrial gas industry in the Asia Pacific region with a strong showing of highly skilled and experienced management to steer the company toward greater heights. The diversity of our industrial gas products, solution, and services in the industrial gas industry, the strong distribution network and market knowledge will distinguish Ace Gases in achieving long-term sustainable growth and performance. Our committed workforce will continue to deliver results to meet our customers’ expectations.


We strive to be amongst the best performing industrial gases company by providing innovative solutions, consistent product quality and immaculate service to our customers.


Our mission is to provide a conducive environment to attract, retain and develop talent in order to grow the company and achieve our shareholder’s expectation.


Building Partnership with customers

Continuous Improvement in business processes, skills and technology

Prioritize Safety, Quality and Environment In all aspect of our business



We produced our own liquid CO2 which mitigates product shortages and improve price sustainability.


Outsourced transporter agency with fleets of >1000 vehicles to support deliveries to our Customers including online tracking system.


We are an integrated CO2 supplier from producing our own liquid CO2 to dry ice thus we are able to ensure price competitiveness.


We keep stock to ensure you don’t have to.


Food & Beverage

Most Common usage for dry ice is to preserve food as using Non-Cyclic refrigeration. It mainly used to package item to remain cold or frozen. It widely used in Ice Cream Parlor, Ice Cream Hawker, Food decorations, Fine Dining , Restaurant, Logistics , etc.


Dry ice also widely used in transport or delivering raw food from supplier/seller to end user. Dry ice can anti bacteria growth in seafood, meat, frozen food due to it temperature up to -78 degree C. With Dry Ice Temperature, it also can maintain coldness & freshness of the raw food. Other than food, it also widely used in Blood bank and medical industry. It widely used by Seafood sellers, Fisherman, Chicken seller, importer and exporter meat seller, Durian exporter, fruits, etc.


Dry ice also can be use for cleaning purpose by using Ice Blasting Machine. Plenty of mechanical user will use dry ice pellets with Machine, shot from a nozzle with compressed air, combining the power of the speed of the pellets with the action of the sublimation. This can remove residues from industrial equipment.Mainly used to remove Ink, Glue, Oil , Paint, Mold , rubble, dust, rust eta. It widely used in Tyre Manufacturer, Dry Ice Blasting engineering to do cleaning for electronic industrial, oil & gas off shore, Soldering Industrial, etc.

Event & Party

In many of the event or party, a thin layer fog on the floor can create more excited feelings! Dry ice is best known when used in a fog machine to cover floor or stage a layer of dense fog. The clean fog is actually just plain condensed water mixed with co2 gases. The effect will be immediate but not long – lasting. This clear Fog work with music well!


CERTIFIED TO ISO 9001 : 2015

Certified to FSSC 22000