Medical O2 Unit

Industrial O2 Unit

Ace Gases has been awarded to supply and construct (turn-key basis) a 2x300m3/hr Oxygen VSA system for the World’s Largest Semiconductor company in Malaysia.

Oxygen is a vital component for various applications in many industries, including steelmaking, healthcare, and chemical production. Ace Gases offers oxygen plant services to meet the varying needs of these industries.

Our oxygen plants utilize various technologies, including cryogenic distillation, adsorption, and membrane separation, to produce oxygen with the required purity and volume. The selection of technology depends on the customer’s needs and the application of oxygen.

Ace Gases provides complete solutions for oxygen plant services, from the installation, operation, and maintenance of the plant on the customer’s site to the supply of oxygen to the customer’s point of use efficiently. We offer various supply modes, including cylinders, bundles, microbulk, liquid bulk, storage, and air separation plant with pipeline supply.

Our experienced team ensures that the oxygen plant operates reliably and efficiently, meeting the customer’s demand for oxygen supply. We work closely with customers to determine the most cost-effective and efficient supply mode and tailor our services to meet their specific requirements.

With Ace Gases, customers can rely on a reliable and cost-effective source of oxygen to meet their industrial needs.

Supply PSA and VSA oxygen generator

Unique VSA Technology:

We use a unique Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) technology to generate oxygen that uses significantly less valves and rotating components than competing technologies. This in turn leads to inherently higher reliability, which is important in countries with under-developed or challenging infrastructures where oxygen supply is usually the most uncertain.

In addition, this unique technology leads to 50% less power consumption compared to its competitors. This results in very low operating costs and hence addresses another large problem for many countries, the high cost of oxygen for acute hospital care.

We’ve been manufacturing oxygen concentrators using this technology for over 10 years. During the period, we’ve built around 500 systems ranging from sizes of 4 m3/hr to 600 m3/hr. The units have found homes in 40+ countries across all continents in applications as diverse as civilian hospitals, mobile field hospitals, military medical use, high altitude oxygen enrichment, cylinder filling, water and wastewater treatment, aquaculture, pulp & paper, metal cutting, combustion, mining among others.


To produce oxygen from air, uses a proprietary Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) process that elimi- nates many of the design problems associated with traditional Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) systems.

Our innovative VSA system eliminates the need for process valves, feed air compressors, and associated dryers and feed air filtering systems.
Robust VSA process extracts maximum sieve and power efficiencies = low cost (both CapX and OpX) high purity oxygen generation.





CI’s unique Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) technology has several advantages over the more commonly used PSA process:

Energy Saving:

  • Needs no feed air compressor (> 50% energy savings vs. conventional PSA systems)
  • Load following capability reduces energy consumption even more at reduced flow rates

Installation / Operation / Maintenance / Advantages:

  • Uses an oil-free blower, thus avoiding any oil carryover common with oil-lubricated compressors – great for medical applications
  • Lower operating pressure minimizes the potential for water condensation
  • Not as susceptible to humid environments as are PSA systems
  • Single-bed VSA process eliminates virtually all process valves and required manifolds
  • Low operating pressure minimizes sieve dusting (the sieve removes the nitrogen from the air), because the pressure swing is an order of magnitude lower, resulting also in lower operating cost
  • VSA Adsorber sieve material has a much longer service life than that in PSA vessels – which commonly need repacking of sieve material every 3-5 years – again producing a much lower operating cost
  • Shows no, or significantly less, degradation of performance at high altitude – unlike PSA technology
  • Turn-key integrated solution—there is no need to size / source air compressors, dryer systems and product or feed buffer tanks

Environmental Advantages:

  • No air compressor, therefore no disposal of oil saturated with compressor condensate
  • Oil free design eliminating risk of oil carryover downstream of the oxygen system
  • Utilizes a sealed adsorber bed that does not require opening to replace spent molecular sieve. Therefore there is no residual waste to dispose of
  • Pollution free operation – use of electric energy
  • Air cooled, no cooling water or the required chemicals for treatment
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