Dry Ice

Ace Gases owns and operates a Dry Ice production plant located at the Bukit Jelutong Industrial Park in Shah Alam, strategically located at the center of the Klang Valley. Our production process integrates our liquid carbon dioxide to manufacture Halal-certified food-grade dry ice products. Our commitment to this process guarantees an uninterrupted supply of dry ice for our customers. We specialize in manufacturing and distributing dry ice throughout Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Our operations run continuously, including weekends and public holidays, to ensure an uninterrupted supply to the market. At Ace Gases, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality dry ice products and services, backed by a strong distribution network that ensures on-time delivery and strict adherence to safety standards. We collaborate with logistics partners to ensure prompt and trackable deliveries to our customers, and have more than 1000 fleets of riders and drivers on the road, with no minimum purchase quantity for delivery within the Klang Valley. For outstation areas, our dry ice products are well-packaged in a styrofoam box and delivered to your doorstep within the stipulated lead time.

The benefits of buying dry ice directly from Ace Gases:

  • Cost-competitiveness from direct manufacturer
  • Flexible and fast delivery service
  • Our dry ice products are well-packaged to reduce sublimation
  • Direct access to technical expertise
  • Greater control over the production process and quality of the product
  • Faster turnaround times since there are fewer parties involved in the transaction
  • A stronger relationship between the buyer and manufacturer, leading to potential future collaborations or partnerships

What is Dry Ice ?

Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2) commonly used for refrigeration and transporting perishable goods. At Ace Gases, we produce dry ice by injecting liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) into a holding tank and compressing it into a solid form. Our dry ice products are food-grade and Halal-certified, ensuring their safety and quality for use in various industries.

Unlike traditional wet ice, which can leave behind water and create a mess, dry ice undergoes sublimation and turns into CO2 gas at atmospheric conditions. With a surface temperature of -78 degrees Celsius (-109 degrees Fahrenheit), dry ice is extremely cold and requires proper handling, including gloves and other safety measures.

Dry ice is a highly effective means of inhibiting bacterial growth due to its low temperature. This makes it ideal for storing and transporting temperature-sensitive materials such as frozen or chilled food, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and research samples. At our company, we provide dry ice products in a range of sizes and forms, including slabs, blocks, nuggets, and pellets, to cater to the specific requirements of our clients in various industries.

Uses and Applications

Dry ice is commonly used in various industries to store and transport temperature-sensitive materials

To store and transport frozen/chilled food, seafood, premium meat products, pharmaceutical and biological samples, ice cream, cakes, durians for export and others.

To produce fog effects at events and parties (i.e., weddings, Halloween themed parties, etc.)

As an alternative cooling agent to replace cold-chain trucks and logistics transport.

To keep F&B fresh and cold in Airlines industry.

Industrial cleaning using dry ice blasting.

Funeral parlours where dry ice is used to preserve dead bodies before placement in the coffins.

The Dry Ice Warning