300kg TMA in 500L Canister

72kg TMA in 110L Canister


Trimethylaluminium (TMA) is a highly versatile compound used in various industries for its unique properties and applications.

In the semiconductor industry, TMA is commonly employed as a precursor in the production of thin films for advanced electronic devices. It is utilized to deposit high-quality aluminum oxide layers, which serve as insulation and passivation layers in integrated circuits, memory devices, and other semiconductor components.

TMA also finds extensive use in the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process, where it acts as a source of aluminum in the synthesis of advanced materials. Its ability to deposit uniform and conformal thin films makes it valuable for applications such as protective, optical, and barrier layers.

Another significant application of TMA is in the production of specialty chemicals, particularly in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical sectors. It serves as a crucial building block for synthesizing complex organic compounds, pharmaceutical intermediates, and crop protection agents.

Due to its highly reactive nature, TMA must be handled with utmost care and expertise. At Ace Gases, we specialize in providing a safe and reliable supply of TMA at various supply mode options, ensuring strict adherence to industry standards and regulations. With our expertise and experience, we strive to meet the diverse needs of our customers in the semiconductor, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.


Semiconductor industry

TMA is used for chemical vapor deposition (CVD) in thin film production, particularly for aluminum oxide layers.

Specialty chemicals

TMA serves as a precursor for the synthesis of complex organic compounds and pharmaceutical intermediates.


TMA is utilized in the production of crop protection agents.

Advanced materials

TMA is employed in the manufacturing of protective coatings, optical coatings, and barrier layers.

Uniform thin film deposition

TMA offers the advantage of depositing uniform and conformal thin films.