Dry Ice

Ace Gases owns a Dry Ice production plant at Bukit Jelutong Industrial Park, Shah Alam – strategically located at the center of Selangor. We specialise in manufacturing and distribution of dry ice in Malaysia and Singapore. We operate every day even on public holidays to ensure interrupted supply to the market. We engage partnership and services with our logistics partners to ensure prompt and trackable deliveries to our customers. We have more than 1000 fleet on the road with no minimum purchase quantity for delivery within the KL and Selangor area, reaching within 1-2 hours depending on traffic conditions. For the outstation area, the dry ice will be well-packaged in a styrofoam box and to be delivered to your location the next morning/afternoon. 

The benefits of buying dry ice directly from Ace Gases:

  • Fresh dry ice products from the production factory
  • Cost-competitiveness
  • Flexible and fast delivery service
  • The dry ice products are well-packaged in plastics to reduce sublimation

What is Dry Ice ?

Dry ice is a solid carbon dioxide (SCO2). Dry Ice is made by injecting LCO2 into a holding tank and compressed into solid dry ice. Since it is made from Ace Gases’ LCO2 source, the dry ice products are Food-Grade and HALAL certified. The dry ice products are available in various sizes and forms (i.e., slab, block and pellet). Unlike regular wet ice found in the restaurants, dry ice does not form any water, it will undergo sublimation to form carbon dioxide gas at atmospheric condition. Dry ice has a surface temperature of -78 Degree Celsisus (-109 Degree Fahrenheit), it is so cold that users are advised to wear gloves to handle it. Due to its low temperature, it is commonly used in food storage and transport because it inhibits bacterial growth, making food fresher for as long as possible throughout the transit.

Uses and Applications

Dry ice is commonly used in various industries to store and transport temperature-sensitive materials

To store and transport frozen/chilled food, seafood, premium meat products, pharmaceutical and biological samples, ice cream, cakes, durians for export and others.

To produce fog effects at events and parties (i.e., weddings, Halloween themed parties, etc.)

As an alternative cooling agent to replace cold-chain trucks and logistics transport.

To keep F&B fresh and cold in Airlines industry.

Industrial cleaning using dry ice blasting.

Funeral parlours where dry ice is used to preserve dead bodies before placement in the coffins.