Liquid Argon

Argon (Ar) is placed in Group 18 of the period table under Noble Gas category. It is the 3rd most abundant gas in the earth’s atmosphere. Argon is colourless, odourless and chemically inert gas. It can cause asphyxiation at high concentrations. It has non-flammable properties and constitutes 0.9% of earth’s atmosphere. Generally, Argon is produced from an air separation unit (ASU) plant. Argon has many applications depending on the industry, it is most commonly used in welding applications as shielding gas for arc welding in the metal fabrication sector especially for stainless steels. It can also be used as a mixture with other gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and helium depending on the process. Argon gas is also utilised as a filling mixture in fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs to prevent oxygen from corroding the filament material and also to increase lifespan of light bulb products. Besides that, it is used in analytical instruments as carrier gas in chromatography, plasma etching and other application processes. 

Ace Gases has a strong and reliable network of distribution allowing us to deliver Liquid Argon (LAR) to customers via our own liquid tankers, or via ISO tanks to ASEAN countries. For other options, we also can help customers to set up a vacuum insulated evaporator (VIE) tank that allows bulk storage of LAR on-site.