Liquid Nitrogen

Nitrogen (N2) is colourless, odourless and inert. In fact, the air comprised 78% of nitrogen which makes up a big portion of the total air volume in earth’s atmosphere. It is produced from an air separation unit (ASU) plant. It can cause asphyxiation in high concentration. Nitrogen has many applications depending on the industry,it is commonly used in blanketing, purging and sparging. The food and beverages industry uses nitrogen for food processing and packaging applications to improve shell-life and quality of food products. It is also used in small amounts to purge analytical instrumentation. Due to its extremely low temperature in liquid state, the cryogenic liquid nitrogen (LIN) is used for food freezing applications such as seafood, durians etc. It is also used in the semiconductor industry where it acts as purge and carrier gas. In welding applications, nitrogen is also used as an assist gas for laser cutting. 

Ace Gases has a strong and reliable network of distribution allowing us to deliver LIN to customers via our own liquid tankers, or via ISO tanks to ASEAN countries. For other options, we also can help customers to set up a vacuum insulated evaporator (VIE) tank that allows bulk storage of LIN on-site. For large consumers, Ace Gases offers customised N2 on-site solutions whereby N2 is generated on-site and linked directly to customers’ point of use.