Oxygen is a vital component of our air, making up 21% of the atmosphere. It is crucial for human respiration and drives metabolism in most living organisms. At Ace Gases, we understand the importance of oxygen and the various industries that rely on it.

Commercial production of oxygen primarily involves an air separation process, where atmospheric air is compressed, cooled, and fed into a distillation column to separate the different components based on their boiling points. Oxygen is then collected as a gas at the top of the column, purified, compressed, and stored for transportation and use.

One of the most critical applications of oxygen is in healthcare systems, where medical oxygen supports lives. Oxygen is also used as one of the mixtures in the underwater diving industry, along with other gases such as helium or nitrogen.

Oxygen is combustible and therefore plays a crucial role in combustion, oxidation, fermentation, aquaculture, and wastewater treatment processes. It can improve yield, increase flame temperatures, and reduce carbon footprint in various industries. For instance, oxygen combustion is a promising solution in cement production to increase plant efficiency, cut costs, and reduce emissions. Oxygen is also commonly used in the metal cutting industry, where it is mixed with dissolved acetylene (DA) in processes such as cutting, welding, cleaning, and melting. In addition to its industrial applications, oxygen is also utilized in lab facilities for metal analysis instruments and in semiconductor products such as the oxidation of silicon material.

Ace Gases is committed to providing our customers with flexible and reliable supply modes for Oxygen. We offer cylinders, tanks, and bundles for smaller volume requirements. For mid-sized customers, we provide microbulk solutions, while liquid bulk and storage solutions are available for large-volume demands. We also offer on-site gas generation, air separation units, and pipeline supply options for those looking for a continuous and customized Oxygen supply. Whatever your needs may be, Ace Gases has the expertise and resources to deliver Oxygen to you in the most efficient and effective way possible.


Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Medical Oxygen Systems are currently used by over 5,000 hospitals in nearly 50 countries to meet their central pipeline and other oxygen needs.

Ozone Generation

Ace Gases oxygen products assist businesses all over the world in getting the most out of their ozone generators.

Aquaculture / Fish Farming

With an Ace Gases Oxygen Generator, you can speed up fish growth and increase stocking density.

Oxygen Lancing and Decarburization

The use of oxygen lancing to optimise the combustion process is a common practise.

Wastewater Treatment

The process of converting wastewater into water that can be discharged back into the environment.