Specialty Gases

Ace Gases is your reliable supplier for specialty gases and electronic specialty gases. Table below shows the list of specialty and electronic specialty gases that we supply in various purities levels and filling pressures.

Products Cylinder size Pressure/Weight Purity Grade
Helium 47L/50L 150bar/200bar 97%/5N/5.5N
Xenon 40L/50L 135bar 5N
Krypton 40L/50L 135bar 5N
Neon 40L/50L 135bar 5N
Silane 47L/470L/Tube Trailer 12kg/125kg/2700kg/4000kg/6000kg >99.9999%
NF3 47L/Bundle/440L/ISO Trailer 20kg/200kg/320kg/4000kg/6000kg/8000kg >99.99%
NH3 40L/50L 23kg 5N/6N
Diborane 44L/47L 6.3kg/7kg >99.995%
SO2 40L/50L 40kg 3N
CF4 40L/50L 30kg 5N
NO 40L/50L 35bar 3N
CO2 40L/50L 22kg 5N
C3H6 40L/50L 15kg 2.5N/4N
SF6 40L/50L 50kg 4N/5N
CH4 40L 135bar/180bar 3N/4N/5N
C2H4 40L/50L 11kg/16kg 3.5N
C2F6 40L/50L 40kg 5N
CHF3 40L/50L 30kg 5N

For enquiry on other specialty gases/electronic specialty gases/chemicals; for instance, Gas Mixtures (B2H6 mix, PH3 mix, SiH4 mix, N2 mix, H2 mix and Kr mix), please contact our sales representative for more information.