All delivery must be 1 day order in advance before 12pm.

Urgent requirement depend on stock availability.

Location other than Kl & SEL area required booking early to prevent delay of delivery.

If total purchase weight >60kg contact for delivery charge.


Payment have to clear thru payment gateway before delivery.



Dry ice in nature is unstable and will sublime the moment it is produced. This deterioration cannot be avoided but can be minimized with the correct handling and packaging method. Dry Ice is stored in large specially insulated dry ice containers and is transferred to smaller styrofoam boxes for deliveries of around 1-20kg. Customer may purchase the Styrofoam box from us or we can deliver the dry ice without the box. Losses in Styrofoam boxes typically range between 20-30% per 24hours which is considered acceptable.


If customer decides to purchase the dry ice without the styrofoam box, sublimation will be much quicker and highly dependent on the weather condition and severe form of deformation and deterioration to the dry ice may occur upon reaching the customer. These factors make it impossible for us to guarantee the condition of the dry ice which our customers receive, and also make it unrealistic for us to accept any return of material for refund.


Dry ice is very hygroscopic and attracts condensation out of the atmosphere. This means that dry ice exposed to humidity will form a layer of water condensate on its external surfaces that will freeze to ice. This will result in the dry ice pellets sticking together and in extreme cases, forming a fairly solid block of mixed ice and dry ice.


Our policy is to provide our Customers with good quality product in the most sensible combination of packaging and to advise them of the risks involved in the transportation of the product that are beyond our control.


Our guarantee is the weight and quality of the product dispatched will be correct as it leaves our premises, which is the point that risk is passed to the Customer. If a package is received more than 24 hours from despatch time or in a damaged condition, we will reimburse any undue loss of product or send a replacement shipment if none of the material can be used. In all cases of claim, the goods must be signed for as late or damaged and confirmed by the transport company. We cannot be held responsible for any consequential losses resulting from partial or complete loss of dry ice in transit.


We understand that this may not be your typical refund policy but please realise that dry ice is an unusual product that reacts with changes to its storage conditions.


Any orders made through our website which Customer wishes to modify or cancel shall be done in within 1 hour from placing an order by calling the number on our website. Once we receive an order, our staff will start working on the production and delivery schedule to ensure the dry ice is properly managed.


We thank you for your patronage and please give us a call at our customer service for any feedback.